Mental health frustrations

9 March 2016

There is a willingness in schools to tackle mental health issues, but research reveals a frustration with support services. Anna Feuchtwang explains

At the chalkface: Cognitive dissonance

9 March 2016

Cognitive dissonance rules. UK schools are either the most intellectual and happiest and best in the world or the dimmest and unhappiest and worst in the world.

Retention: Protecting our future...

2 March 2016

Idealism lies at the heart of many teachers’ motivation and love of the profession – but still thousands are leaving. Gerald Haigh offers school and government leaders three keys to tackling the retention crisis

Can you find enough governors?

2 March 2016

A increasingly discussed solution to the shortage of school governors is to pay them. This would be a dangerous step, argues Dr Bernard Trafford

At the chalkface: Libraries

2 March 2016

I wrote five years ago about how Kensal Rise Library was to be pulled down. It was opened 100 years ago by Mark Twain, but there was nothing he could do, what with being dead. It looked like the end.

At the chalkface: The cleansing of Dave Mania

24 February 2016

We’ve all had the serious lesson wrecker in the back of our classrooms. S/he can ruin your best laid plans, prompt savage migraines, and harm the life chances of other pupils. Something must be done.

Tackling the teacher recruitment crisis

24 February 2016

We face a situation where teacher burn-out is becoming an accepted part of education. Chris Keates calls for action in a bid to tackle teacher workload and stem the recruitment crisis

Diary of a headteacher: An impossible situation

3 February 2016

Faced with an incredibly complex situation, our headteacher diarist only managed to reach a solution and a way forward after extensive consultation with colleagues and mentors. He reflects on the experience

The arts continue to be cut

3 February 2016

Dr Bernard Trafford discusses yet more evidence that policy-makers view the arts as being unessential

Diary of a headteacher: Riding the rollercoaster

27 January 2016

School leaders experience a range of emotions – as was perfectly illustrated for our headteacher diarist in the space of a few hours recently. He reflects on how well he handled the various challenges he faced...

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