Pupil wellbeing

Time for TEA – support students' mental health

10 October 2013

Earlier this year, Newall Green High School in Manchester was recognised in the national Resilience and Results awards because of its work in supporting the mental health and emotional wellbeing of students and the school community. Kevin Buchanan explain

Closing the gender gap by empowering female students

10 October 2013

The gender gap is still a major issue in today’s workplaces. Headteacher of an all girls’ school, Sarah Raffray, says giving girls the confidence to break through the glass ceiling begins at an early age. She shares her five tips for empowering your femal

Effective teacher mentoring

3 October 2013

Teacher mentoring can be a powerful tool for CPD and school improvement – if it is done properly. Sarah Coskeran offers guidance for schools.

The Girls' Network: Supporting disadvantaged girls

3 October 2013

A mentoring scheme for disadvantaged girls has won £10,000 in Teach First’s Innovation Awards. Charlotte Young and Becca Dean discuss why they are targeting these students and offer advice for schools.

Guide To: Ofsted and the Pupil Premium

26 September 2013

SecEd's new Guide To looks at the latest changes to the accountability regime surrounding the Pupil Premium and the implications for schools. It includes advice on effective Premium strategies and a case study.

Spotting the signs of forced marriage

26 September 2013

A majority of forced marriage victims are young people who are still at school and teachers and school nurses have a key role in helping to spot the warning signs. Carla Thomas offers her advice and signposts some resources.

The teachers who can’t afford to eat or live

26 September 2013

A charity has warned of a ‘growing trend of poverty’ among teachers after it handed out £120,000 of support grants in 10 months. It says that in some cases the money has been for teachers unable to afford accommodation or food. Dorothy Lepkowska reports.

Meet the National Pupil Premium champion

12 September 2013

Respected educationalist Dr John Dunford officially began work this month as the National Pupil Premium Champion. He spoke to Dorothy Lepkowska about his new role and how he will be helping to support effective Pupil Premium practice.

Life as a young carer – and how schools can help

4 July 2013

Being a young carer can have a significant impact on a child’s schooling, but too often they are suffering in silence. Rhian Beynon explains more about the Be Bothered campaign while Chloe, a young carer, gives us an insight into her home and school life.

It’s all a question of timetabling...

4 July 2013

Do teenagers only have themselves to blame if they stay up all night and then struggle to concentrate in class? Dr Stephanie Thornton explains why this might be unfair and why it could be a question of timetabling.

Defibrillators in schools – a legal viewpoint

4 July 2013

With more than 600 young people a year dying from cardiac arrests, a campaign is calling for defibrillators to be placed in schools. Legal expert Katrina Boyd considers the implications of medical emergencies in schools.

When tragedy strikes – how schools should respond

27 June 2013

When there is a death in the school community, the effects can be felt by everyone – students, staff, parents. Angela Youngman looks at how schools must react when tragedies happen and how we can help our children and our colleagues to grieve.

What is troubling this teenager?

20 June 2013

What is troubling this teenager? Drink? Drugs? Many of us think we know the health issues that young people worry about. But we may have to think again. Al Campbell looks at the outcomes of research showing what teens are really concerned about.

Supporting your students' mental health

9 May 2013

How can you develop a whole-school approach to supporting your students’ mental health and emotional wellbeing? Mick Atkinson offers some practical advice.

Tackling the traits of teen alcoholism

21 March 2013

After taking part in a pilot project to tackle alcohol misuse using targeted interventions with students grouped by personality traits and individual tendencies, Corelli College saw a real impact. Jon Kelly explains how.

Mentoring: Unlocking their potential

24 January 2013

The Unlocking Potential mentoring programme – a partnership between AQA and the Dame Kelly Holmes Legacy Trust – is being continued in 2013 after remarkable success last year. Andrew Hall explains how you can nominate your students.

When students self-harm

6 December 2012

Self-harm is a subject that remains shrouded in stigma with three in four young sufferers not knowing where to turn. Linda Aitchison looks at how schools and school staff should react when a pupil seeks help.

Helping gay students who come out at school

22 November 2012

School for students who are gay can be a difficult time ― especially if they decide to come out. The right support can play a crucial role in helping teenagers through this difficult period. Linda Aitchison looks at best practice for teachers and s

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