Seven in 10 under-18s still experience bullying

25 April 2013

The annual bullying survey by Ditch the Label has found that high numbers of young people are still experiencing bullying before the age of 18, and that teachers remain high on the list of people who victims turn to for help. Liam Hackett explains.

The hunt for LGBT equality in schools

25 April 2013

What can schools do to meet their legal requirements and ensure staff are treated equally, irrespective of sexuality. Legal expert Paul Maddock advises.

School exclusions and the SEN expert

24 January 2013

Independent SEN experts are playing an increasingly common role in exclusion processes. Legal expert Richard Wilkins explains more.

You create the weather in your classrooms!!

17 January 2013

How can you create the right climate for learning in your classroom and make it a place your students look forward to coming to? Kathryn Lovewell offers some advice.

Stand Against Violence

6 December 2012

With a significant number of pupils being suspended for violence, Adam Fouracre ― who lost his brother to street violence ― is working with schools to combat this growing problem. Katie Sanders explains.

Using cinema as part of a rewards system

6 December 2012

William Parker School uses the appeal and inspiration of film to motivate its learners. Ruth Roberts explains how they use cinema as part of a rewards system.

The new rules on school exclusions and appeals

8 November 2012

Schools and academies must adhere to new legislation over how they handle student exclusions and subsequent appeals. Legal expert Kevin Jaquiss explains the new procedures and offers advice to school leaders.

LEAP to success

4 October 2012

In a bid to tackle its problems with exclusions, Baverstock School introduced the 'LEAP' Department. Thomas Marshall explains.

Anti-Bullying Week 2012

27 September 2012

With Anti-Bullying Week running from November 19 to 23, Lauren Seager-Smith from the Anti-Bullying Alliance explains how schools can get behind the campaign.

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